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Our Services

We Provide Everything Your Smile Needs :)

Smile Designing ( Veneers )

Dental Veneer are custom made paper thin shells that fit over the front surfaces of your teeth. It gives you the smile that always wanted without cutting your original teeth. 

Why Choose Us ? 

We provide a trial before the actual treatment. The final smile can be given in 2 sittings only. Our results can last up to 30 Years.

Tooth Whitening 

It Refers to a variety of processes that make your natural teeth appear brighter and whiter. You can see up to 3-4 shades whiter teeth in a single sitting. 

Why Choose Us ?

We provide both in clinic and at home bleaching option to suite your respective needs.

Sitting ( RCT )

It is a treatment to repair and save badly damaged or infected tooth instead of removing it.

Why Choose Us ?

We prefer doing single sitting RCT which takes approximately 1 hour. 

Full Mouth Rehabilitation 

It is a combination of different dental treatments and procedures to correct collapsed jaws. It establishes healthy smiles, Increases the eating ability of the patients by replacing the lost teeth and tissues.

Why Choose Us ?

We save as much as natural and teeth and tissues as possible. We can use combination of implants, veneers, crowns, RCT etc


Myofunctional Therapy 

Some habits occurring in children can effect the adult teeth and jaws. Ex :- Tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, lip biting etc. Developing jaw incorrections can be treated in early years of life so as to avoid braces later on.

Why Choose Us ?

Our Team has a specialized training of 3 years to deal with such developing problems. 

Dental Implants

They are medical devices surgically implanted in the jaws to restore appearance and increase a persons ability to chew. 

Why Choose Us ?

We use computer assisted ( Guided ) implant placement techniques to reduce pain and time of the patient.

Child Dentistry + Preventive Dental Care 

It refers to coat the surface of the teeth so that the child's teeth don't get effected by cavities in the future. ( Sealants )

Why Choose Us ?

Our Team has a specialized training of 3 years to deal with children and problems effecting there mouth.

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